begin at the beginning…warning contains me!

I guess today is as good a day to start as any.

Hi, my name is Myke, I live in Hamilton, Ontario and will admit to being a musician, writer and photographer.  I also work for a government agency, which will remain unnamed and acts as a source of frustration and bemusement for myself and my friends.

Yes, I am starting a blog.  What will it be about?  Life in general and things that interest, tickle and, well, frustrate me.  I have blogged once before, writing about the various denizens and regulars at a games shop that I once worked at.  However it had become too much about me bitching about things that annoy me and lost its luster quite quickly.

This one will be a little more organic and a little more free.  So come on folks, pull up a chair, grab a cup / mug / glass / bottle / stein of your libation of choice and join me on this crazy journey!


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