all work and no play something something something…

After a stretch of six months in the orifice, it is clear that another road trip is desperately needed.  So it’s time to pack my guitar, throw what clothes actually still fit into a suitcase and hit the road, Jack.

This time my honourable steed (Southwest Airlines) is transporting me to Laughlin, Nevada, by way of Las Vegas.  It’s time to bring my own particular brand of musical insanity west of the Mississippi as well as treat the unsuspecting folks at the Western Region Clown Association to the pre-holiday onslaught that is Balderdash and Humbug live.

On top of this, I get a week of DB’s time and time with the Zen Master of creativity through enforced sloth is always inspirational.  This is the man who wrote the synopsis for an entire one-man play at 6am in the morning as he drove me to the airport.  Said play, by the way, has been scheduled for a performance in Midland, Michigan in November and is to be performed in Mesa Arizona in December. 

So I guess this is my way of saying that additions to this blog may be rather sporadic over the next week and a bit.  I’ll be working off my iPhone almost exclusively, and don’t relish the thought of tapping out a blog posting on the small screen!  But, guess what – a sane me is a good me (well at least in my opinion).  I’ll have happily gotten a chance to hike the Grand Canyon, commune with the donkeys in Oatman Arizona, torture unsuspecting souls with my music and spend time with one of my favourite, incredibly inspiring, people in the universe.

That should be enough to recharge my batteries for the next few months, enough to get over Christmas holidays (YES I’m working! YES DH is busy as Santa again this year!), writing, producing, recording and marketing a new show (a review of gay anthems and protest songs over the past 60 years), refining a new clown/family entertainment character, and finally finding a studio home for my various artistic projects as my music room at home is becoming the home base and office for the non-profit that DH is setting up.


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