i need home for a rest

“You’ll have to excuse me, I’m not at my best
I’ve been gone for a week, I’ve been drunk since I left
These so-called vacations will soon be my death
I’m so sick from the drink I need home for a rest.”
– Spirit of the West “Home for a Rest”

Actually it wasn’t that bad.  I guess it helps being 6 (soon to be 7) years sober…

I’ve had two days to decompress from the most recent road trip, pondering what transpired in Nevada and Arizona and considering (and reconsidering) what will happen in the future.

Let’s just first say that DB remains to be the most inspirational, patient and giving person I know.  He truly is a Zen Master of what he does and is generous with his talent.  I am honoured to know him and call him my friend, mentor and, according to several people at several conferences – my father?  We do have a similar rapport, and he is like a second father to me – you know the cool dad who aids and abets you in your nefarious deeds <grin>…Whenever I am asked to travel with him, it is nigh impossible to say no because creativity, music and laughter soon follow.

The entire trip was predicated on a gig at the Western Region Clown Association’s annual conference where DB was the headliner and was also lecturing.  We performed for their opening evening festivities and…ummm…made our mark on the audience.  So much so, that their president, Matt Akers lauded us with the following praise:

“We’ve had worse!” – Matt Akers, President of the WRCA, November 7, 2011.

Actually we had a good time, know where we need to work on some stuff live and must always remember that despite being equal opportunity and skewering the Democrats in the prior song, skewering a Republican in a song WILL put off some of the more vociferous people in the crowd, who WILL complain.

Ohh well, as a wise man once wrote “How do you know if you’re going to risk offending someone?  Ask yourself this question:  Are you breathing?”

Fuck it if them clowns can’t take a joke.  Aren’t they supposed to have a sense of humour?  Hmmmm…maybe not.  However the folks that actually walked up to us afterwards seemed to have a good time and commented on how much they loved our performance.  Long and short of it is that we sold CDs and I’ve noticed a spike in Balderdash and Humbug downloads on iTunes and AmazonMP3…mission accomplished!

PS. if you want your B&H CDs in time for Christmas, message me soon and I’ll ship them to you!  Otherwise you can always download them from iTunes or Amazon.com!

<end shameless self promotion>

One last thing about Laughlin, NV.  I’m sure it’s quite a wonderful place for those who still drink, smoke and gamble.  But for those of us who do none of those things (anymore), there isn’t a whole heck of a lot to do there.  Think of it as kind of a cross between Las Vegas and Branson and you get a rough idea of what it’s like there…gorgeous sunsets though!

Throughout the road trip, my guitar behaved itself and my voice held up despite the constant talking, laughing and singing (and the dry desert air, combined with the smoke and dingy surroundings of Laughlin).  A lot of writing was accomplished and a LOT of laughing was done…I am content and pleased with how the week went.

Aside from gigs and DB’s lecturing to clowns, we spent the time exploring the southwest and spent time in the Grand Canyon, which despite the six inches of snow, never ceased to amaze me with it’s breathtaking beauty and awe-inspiring sights.  I enjoyed hiking the canyon, despite the cold temperatures, blistering wind and icy trails.  Thankfully I had a decent pair of hiking boots and my trekking poles to keep things safer.

As you can see, nature can be quite humbling in its beauty, majesty and power!  This side trip to the Grand Canyon served as a reminder about how much I loved the US southwest and its people.

Another side trip that we took was to Oatman, Arizona.  Oatman was a gold rush town that died off when the mines dried up.  It’s most known for it’s burros, which were used to cart the ore up to the surface from the mines.  When the mines dried up, the people simply released the burros into the wild, where they thrived and now have become a tourist attraction.  Oatman further died when the interstate highways went through, effectively killing Route 66 as the major thoroughfare east to west.  It now exists as a tourist attraction filled with crumbling buildings and shops…well worth a look for a glimpse into the Old West!

When we arrived at 8:37 in the morning (both DB and I are early risers and we were still functioning on EST and not Pacific Time), the burros were still up in the mountains, all that we saw was what they had left in the streets.  It was still a fun road trip nonetheless and we stopped several times on the road back to civilization to take in the scenery while listening to the most suitable soundtrack for the road trip – Tom Waits’ “Beautiful Maladies.”  Trust me, it is a most suitable soundtrack for the road back from Oatman!

Highlights aside, the road trip went really well.  I’m going to add another blog about my opinions regarding clowning and family entertainers soonish…once I’ve clearly put my thoughts together in hopes to avoid further offending more clowns.

I did, however, meet someone who is taking the art of clowning to the next level and she has totally impressed me with her ability to think outside the box (although I think her box has long been used as kindling) and combine her skills as an entertainer incredibly well.  More on her at a later date as well!

I’ve also had the opportunity to learn some further skills and gain some technical expertise and supplies (thanks to a lovely makeup artist whom shall be addressed in the later blog post as well) to assist in a future project of mine, that I am working on with The Cossart Exchange.  Be afraid, be very afraid!

I am now home, recovering, and preparing to start back at the day job.  DH is busily preparing for Christmas baking and has begun to decorate the house.  I have a few more hours before the crushing hammer of reality hits me and I become an office drone once again, I hope that nothing blew  up too badly while I was away actually enjoying myself!


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