myke from a to z

This is the part of the show where you, the reader, gets to learn a little bit more about me. If you have followed along so far, you already know I’m a musician, photographer, clown, writer, foodie, coffee snob and neurotic.  I am lucky enough to have a loving and caring husband, two wonderful dogs and group of family and friends who are patient, loving, understanding and supportive of my neuroses and peccadilloes!

I find most artist statements to be rather tedious, so what I give you instead is the A-Z Guide to what really tickles Myke!

ABBA.  Guilty music pleasure, my first memory of the true power of music to move you.  When I heard their instrumental Arrival as a child, it made me well up with tears and gave me a lump in my throat.  Sheer beauty and sadness personified in a musical statement.  The second concert my parents took me to.

Bass.  The sound, the guitar and the viol.  As a left-handed piano student, I learned to love the sounds the low end makes.  In concerts, it’s what hits you in your chest and you can feel the music physically move you.  I like being the person to produce those tones so the bass is my main instrumental voice.

Cortado.  In my opinion, the pinnacle of the coffee world.  Strong cuban coffee (in most cases espresso) with perfectly steamed milk to take the edge off.  Sounds easy to make, but isn’t.  Thankfully, CG has mastered this one perfectly!

DB.  Comedian, mentor, friend, partner in crime, inspiration, Godsend.  Enough said. 

Espresso.  See cortado above.  The elixer of life and basis for many of my favourite beverages.

Fretless.  My favourite form of expression on the bass guitar.  Incredible sustain, singing vibrato, smooth transitions between notes.  Allows the instrument to behave more like a voice!  My voice!

Guitar.  My secondary musical voice.  Easier to work with than bass, a lot more portable, less physical to play, but a little more generic.  Songwriting tool that’s a little more handy in coffee houses and at campfires.

Humbug.  BAH!  My musical comedy alter ego.

IPhone.  My lifeline, musical tool and connection to the world.  Enough said.

Jeff Crump’s Hot Sauce.  From Earth to Table Pizza and Bread Bar.  I put this shit on everything!

mK.  Mentor, musical genius, first and only “rock star” I ever wrote a fan letter to.  My personal icon for going about the business of music on his own terms and succeeding. 

Latte.  Mmm…breakfast.  The gateway drug of the coffee world.

Music.  After DH, my family, dogs and friends.  The next main love of my life.  My avocation, my pillar and my lifeline, which I fund through my vocation.

Neil Diamond.  Another musical guilty pleasure.  Incredible songwriting, incredible showman.  Try to top the rhyming in Solitary Man.  The first concert my parents took me to.

Old Bay Seasoning.  Universal seasoning that makes bland food taste like something.  I carry a tin of this everywhere!

Phish.  The band that showed me it’s okay to just go with the flow and groove to your heart’s content.  Try to go to a concert and NOT dance.  I dare ya!

Queer.  Yup!  I’m a member of that 10%.  It is a part of who I am but does not define who I am.

Rainbow, Mr.  The first clown to make me laugh to the point that I couldn’t form a coherent thought!  He never fails to surprise, amaze and make me laugh uproariously!

Santa Claus.  DH portrays, personifies and becomes him.  Daily.  The spirit of kindness to all, the spirit of giving, the spirit of love for humanity.

Tricycle.  I ride one built for adults.  It’s good exercise.  It allows me to carry cargo such as guitar amps and groceries.  Deal with it.

Unsweetened.  A common word in my vocabulary these days to ensure I continue to live a healthy lifestyle!  Also how a lot of my opinions are voiced.

Vasovagal Reflex.  How I know I’m full since my weight loss surgery.  As the nerves to parts of my stomach are cut, other nerves take over to let you know things.  In my case, my right nostril starts to run and, when I’m REALLY full, I sneeze!  Yup, I’m a freak!

my Weight or Waistline.  Constant factors in my life, now at a happy level, with which I am content.  See this post for more details.

brand X.  Incredible band from the 1970s featuring Phil Collins (the incredible drummer before he became a sensitive singer-songwriter of Disney soundtracks) and Percy Jones, an amazing fretless bass master.

Yerba mate.  South American tea-like beverage.  High in caffiene, often shared around the table in the spirit of community, meeting for mate is the impetus to gather with friends in many countries throughout South America.  This represents everything that coffee culture should represent!

frank Zappa.  Iconoclast, one-of-a-kind, composer, comedian, inspiration.  Enough said.


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