taking the next steps…moving the ball forward

The title should either make the co-workers at my day job who follow me smile or cringe mightily…sorry folks, I’m in a playful mood despite all the shoegazing and introspection I will be doing in this post.

Given recent events in my life, I have been writing and journaling furiously.  This is partially due to the therapy I have been undergoing as part of my weight loss journey and as part of my healing and recovery process as I am growing to understand who I am and what I truly want from life.  It is also partially due to my need to express myself in a constructive and healthy manner as I have been known to be rather self-destructive and self-defeating with past conduits of expression <sheepish grin>.

Let’s just say the only chemical stimulant that has fuelled this batch of song writing is caffeine!

I now have an album’s worth of songs worthy of recording.  These songs are more personal and harrowing than any other songs I have written.  I doubt this will be anything of the sort of the masterpiece “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band,” but it is a fair expression of my past few years’ journey.

To my friends and family (particularly DH, DB and The Parental Units) who have braved the past two years’ plus emotional and spiritual roller coaster ride, I thank you for your patience, support and love!

I will soon be performing these songs live as a suite, in order to prepare them for recording.  I am working out the logistics of what these songs have become and am getting used to actually expressing these thoughts and feelings out loud.  I will soon have to get used to expressing them in public!

I have asked a local coffee house to host some of my initial forays into public performance of this material, which I will slowly integrate into my usual shows until I have everything 100% together.  They have obliged me with being open minded and willing to work with me.  More on this later and I will definitely update here once I have started.

And now here comes the serious part:  as I am focusing more on my career as a musician and songwriter, I have had to assess my strengths and weaknesses as a business and sales person.  I am incredible at planning things but incredibly weak on the follow through.  So I’m in the process of setting out a plan that will give me identifiable check points and goals to meet so as to ensure that I am able to have something to show at the end of it all.

At the same time, I am becoming increasingly focused on the visual presentation of my ideas as I know I am not the most vibrant of performers on stage.  I am therefore working on my photography as an adjunct to my music and trying to create a visual representation of the images I portray in my songs and music.  How this will be manifested is currently unknown, however a number of concerts I have attended recently have had a strong visual conceptual presence that fit the music being performed.

My work with and continued interest in Lomography has provided me with an interesting outlet for my visual ideas and also is allowing me to delve into moving images using their latest invention:  a 35 mm film kinescope.  The primitive nature of the Lomographic cameras have informed my photographic and visual style strongly and are reflective of my ideas.  More on this as my ideas develop <sorry, I couldn’t resist>!

The work I have done on the bloodwood. project has somewhat been co-opted into this as some of the songs I was writing under that project are very personal.  Some of the images from the bloodwood. project also fit the aesthetic of my music as well.  Whether this means a shift in the overall aim of the bloodwood. project or if it’s just going on the back burner at this point, I do not know.  I am currently in discussions with a local branding and marketing studio to determine what this means for all three projects on the go at this point.

So to sum things up: 

  • therapy good,
  • writing good,
  • compelling live performance of very personal material hard,
  • photography good,
  • recording to come in the future
  • Myke is honestly okay and improving!



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