fear and loathing in the orifice or why myke uses music and art as a catharsis

I promised myself on starting this blog that I wouldn’t use it to bitch about my day job.  So I will endeavour to keep the actual bitching part limited to this particular posting.  However…

I was just informed that I am getting a new neighbour at work.  This neighbour has been off work for the past few years due to various health reasons, mainly of the mental variety.  Now, I am usually a tolerant person for the most part, various members of my family have their issues and, until last Christmas, I was able to overlook them with most of my family members.

In fact a good portion of my day job involves helping people with disabilities of all varieties get the treatment, help and support they require in order to carry on with their lives and return to work if possible.  I try to be a patient man and find assisting people who want to get better or cope with their issues to be rewarding both as a career, as wel as emotionally and spiritually beneficial to me.

However people who refuse to deal with their problems or accept treatment really annoy me.  Lord knows I’ve had my issues, been in denial about them or kept them buried in the past, however I realized that keeping them around did me no fucking good.  Yes it is painful to take them on head first, but in the long run, it works, is good for personal growth and helps you to move on in your life.

And I also understand that part of mental illness can often be that when its sufferers are feeling better, they feel they no longer need treatment and then the downward spiral begins.  I get that, really I do!

However I have a co-worker who is bipolar and very aggressive and confrontational when they are in either side of their spectrum.  Sadly, I often refer to them as “batshit crazy” co-worker on public forums as they can often cause quite a disturbance at work, rendering it near impossible to get any productivity out of my day.

I found out yesterday that I’m getting this new neighbour at work, who is coming off long-term disability for stress leave.  This co-worker is extremely passive-aggressive at the best of times and I have also had run ins in the past with this person, including one where they were loudly discussing my weight issues with a co-worker while they thought I was not paying attention (we all were in the lunch room and I was sleeping poorly at night at that time).

As this person has had their struggles with weight themselves, I was quite offended and confronted them regarding this conversation about me.  Combined with their usual passive-aggressive nature and other assorted issues I’ve had with this person on a professional level, I am now apparently their neighbour and being asked to “mentor” them as they return to work.

I expressed my concerns to my manager and HR about this, noting my past run-ins with this co-worker and the official response was that I was to try to remain “professional” and “adult” about the situation.  The key is that when this person feels a slight (actual or implied), this person becomes quite aggressive and will try to sabotage the person who they felt slighted them.  I know this as a fact as I have been in this person’s sights since the episode in the lunch room.

I noted that I can guarantee I will remain professional about this however expect the return in kind from this co-worker.  However I know I won’t get it and will expect to be told to “suck it up” despite the stress this will cause me daily.

It’s the daily shit like this which explains why my music, writing and visual art are so important to me.  If this goes down as planned, expect a lot of “catharsis” from me here and in my other outlets of creative expression.

You’ve been warned!


1 thought on “fear and loathing in the orifice or why myke uses music and art as a catharsis

  1. Yet another reason I like working for myself and by myself. Sure, the pay sucks but when the boss and/or coworkers are being a-holes, I just go have a nap.

    On a more serious note, document EVERYTHING.

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