music listography: myke’s lyfe in playlists

Last night, a friend invited me to visit the Art Gallery of Hamilton with her and we wandered through the William Kurelek exhibit together.  (Ummm…if you are anywhere near Hamilton, Ontario and want to see a wonderful retrospective of an artist’s development, through his battles with schizophrenia and a traumatic childhood, I HIGHLY recommend this exhibit!)

We wandered through the gift shop and she picked up a book published by one of my favourite presses:  Chronicle Books, entitled Music Listography:  Your Life in (Play) Lists.  She immediately decided that I HAD to have this book and purchased it for me. 

The book in Question!

She has since challenged me to fill in a list a day.  I figured that this would be a wonderful and intriguing challenge for me, so I will endeavour to go through this book page by page on each weekday and provide herein my response to each individual list prompt.

List your Top Twenty Favourite Bands

I’m going to first do this list autobiographically from the start of my first fixation with music to my most recent life changing finds!  The second list will be done in order of importance to me musically!

 Top Twenty Autobiographically

  1. Neil Diamond
  2. Abba
  3. Rush
  4. Pink Floyd
  5. The Who
  6. Led Zeppelin
  7. Steve Vai
  8. Frank Zappa
  9. Mike Keneally
  10. Genesis (Peter Gabriel era)
  11. Emerson Lake and Palmer
  12. King Crimson
  13. Polytown
  14. Leonard Cohen
  15. Phish
  16. Tool
  17. The Residents
  18. The Old Ceremony
  19. Oceanship
  20. Delicate Steve

 Top Twenty in Order of Influence 

  1. Rush
  2. Mike Keneally
  3. The Residents
  4. Frank Zappa
  5. King Crimson
  6. Polytown
  7. Genesis (Peter Gabriel era)
  8. Emerson Lake and Palmer
  9. Phish
  10. Pink Floyd
  11. Led Zeppelin
  12. Tool
  13. Steve Vai
  14. The Old Ceremony
  15. Oceanship
  16. Leonard Cohen
  17. Delicate Steve
  18. The Who
  19. Neil Diamond
  20. Abba

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