music listography: list the best concerts and festivals you’ve ever seen

  • Polytown – Phoenix Concert Theater, Toronto (the show that made me realize what I was meant to do as a musician and that the sounds in my head WERE valid)
  • Eric Clapton – Royal Albert Hall, London – 1992 (we were in England that February, we were excited and we thought, what the heck – they do “will call” – and WE GOT IN)
  • Abba – Maple Leaf Gardens – 1979 (first clear fully realized memory of my life – clapping along, singing and dancing at 5 years of age)
  • King Crimson and the California Guitar Trio – Massey Hall – 1994 (incredible musicianship)
  • The Old Ceremony – Private House Concert, Chapel Hill, Sept 2010 (nice to be on the guest list as a friend of the performer, a fun, loose and inspired show)
  • Emerson, Lake and Palmer on the Black Moon tour – Kingswood Music Theater, Toronto (the Moog solo at the end of “Lucky Man” in quadrophonic surround sound – between that and “Pirates” enough said)
  • Phish – Molson Amphitheater – 1999 (I had fun and just danced the whole night)
  • Rush – Presto Tour – Maple Leaf Gardens – 1991
  • Paul McCartney – Off the Ground/New World Tour – 1993 (it was fun, it was amazing and it was FREE!)
  • Leon Redbone – Studio at Hamilton Place – 2011 (because of the awesome bassist)

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