music listography: list moments in music you’ll never forget

  • My parents taking me to my first concerts at the age four (Abba and Neil Diamond) made me realize that music could be fun and not just a chore I had to do.
  • Hearing Abba’s “Arrival” for the first time.  This song gave me a lump in my throat and made me cry.  The first time as a young child that I could be moved by a piece of music.  It scared and excited me at the same time.
  • Frank Zappa’s death, as I grew and progressed as a professional musician, Frank’s music and abilities to do things on his own showed me that a true individual could operate outside of the traditional music industry.  His passing hit me greatly as I always hoped that I would someday work with him.
  • Polytown ‘s 1994 Tour, the first time I realized that the music in my head HAD a market and that there were people who felt the same way I did.  Three respective geniuses on their instruments got together to create music without borders or limits.  LIFECHANGING!
  • Hearing Mike Keneally’s “hat.” for the first time, again more evidence that other people played music like I was creating.  The song “Lightnin’ Roy” was (and still is) a revelation and touchstone for me.
  • John Lennon’s death, I was young but KNEW something important and life changing had happened by the public outpouring of grief.
  • Freddie Mercury’s death, I was just beginning to “get” the music of Queen and realized what a huge talent Freddie was
  • Kurt Cobain’s death, the first icon of my era to pass.  Sadly, my friends and I expected it to happen, either by suicide, Courtney Love killing him or by accidental overdose.
  • Jerry Garcia’s death, I respected Jerry’s playing, song writing and his recovery. 
  • My first Phish concert showed me that musicians who were technically adept to the point of virtuosity on their instruments could groove and have fun, so the audience could also groove and have fun.  The first time I danced throughout an entire concert instead of watching the bassist play!

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