movin’ on – a week filled with opportunities and change…

Poignant adj  (1) painfully affecting the feelings; (2) deeply affecting; (3) designed to make an impression

Yup it’s been a week filled with poignant moments for me.  Life has been providing a combination of opportunities (for a number of my friends and myself) and resulting setbacks (for me).

I am happy to state that two of my best friends have received incredible opportunities to move on in life and I am incredibly ecstatic for both of them, however saddened that my time with them will be further limited by reduction in our ability to maintain contact in person.

You see, throughout all the changes in my life in the past three years, I have been blessed with an incredibly strong support team.  Some of whom have stuck through everything I’ve been through thick and thin, despite my mood swings and resultant ups and downs.

ME, the person who has kept me grounded at work and responsible for kicking my ass and keeping me honest with my cycling, has received an incredible opportunity at another company and will be moving on in the next few weeks.  I am incredibly happy for her as our mutual employer has become less generally supportive of her position and she has been expressing much frustration seeing the role she performs become increasingly marginalized by the employer.  Her new opportunity provides her a chance to use and increase her skills in a vibrant, proactive environment.

I am just saddened that I will be losing my coffee buddy, grounding agent and confidante.  I’m sure we will remain in contact, but I already miss her smile, sarcastic comebacks and laugh – she hasn’t even left yet!

DM1 has been a good friend for almost two decades and we have shared our thoughts, triumphs and tribulations throughout our lives.  He’s always there to listen and is willing to help out, despite living in Boston.  He has recently decided to pull up his roots and move out west to be with the woman he loves and seek out new opportunities in life.   I am happy that he has made this choice, however am saddened that he is no longer a mere 45 minute flight away.

I am certain that both ME and DM1 will remain in my life, but mourn their moving further from me and that the opportunity to be around their spirit and positive influence will be reduced.  I am happy for them and love them dearly as friends and confidantes and continue to do so!

On other news, after my weight loss, there are some issues that I’ve had due to loose skin.  I have no one to blame but myself about this and I accept total responsibility, however I am taking steps to remedy this, including doing appropriate physical exercises and various skin-care regimes.  However there needs to be more done to prevent further health issues (running and other impact sports are difficult as well as some bodily functions can be affected if I’m not careful) and also improve my self-image.  So yes, I have contacted a plastic surgeon and am exploring my options.

I am rather excited about this and am looking forward in what is available to me.  It will cost me something indeed (however my eating and other vices also cost me money over time as well), but will represent a good investment in my future health and, indeed, my self-esteem.  The assessment was rather tough to handle as it involved stripping down in front of a stranger and having him assess, handle and photograph my problem areas, however DH was present the entire time for support and a friendly face and it was nothing that a chat with my counsellor couldn’t handle <grin>.  Now just to save my pennies…

So yes folks, I’m continuing to move on in my own way as well, equally as drastic but on a much smaller scale!  A poignant week indeed!


1 thought on “movin’ on – a week filled with opportunities and change…

  1. Is ME moving out of town for this job? Had I known she was moving as I delivered lunch today, I would have wished her well.

    All the best with the further investment in your future health and self-esteem. I’ve seen some amazing stories of incredible weight loss and life changes, but the skin issue seems tough to deal with sometimes without ‘drastic’ measures.

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