on the road again

This blog will go fairly quiet for the next week or so.  I won’t be updating any music listographies and regular blog updates will likely be more sparse than usual.  <pause for disappointed sighs> But it will be for a damn good reason folks – I’m going to be in the recording studio, working on the next Balderdash and Humbug Christmas CD and also picking the brains of several talented musicians and an incredibly talented engineer/producer about how I should handle recording table for one.

This also means that I will be in North Carolina, biting my tongue about the recent passing of a civil liberty crushing constitutional amendment.

This means I get to spend a lovely week with DB and his wife, exploring the artistic communities of Durham, Carrboro and Chapel Hill while laughing my butt off due to various comedic asides and the sheer absurdity and fun of the music we will be recording.   Let’s just say I’m working on my sitar chops – consider yourselves forewarned!  I can’t promise that there won’t be more mangled steel guitar either, we’ll just have to see what the week in the studio brings.

<insert evil laugh here>


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