music listography: list advice you follow from lyrics

  • “But I believe there’s a ghost of a chance we can find someone to love and make it last.” – Rush, “Ghost of a Chance”
  • “Rest your head you worry too much.  It’s going to be alright when times get rough.  You can fall back on us don’t give up – please don’t give up.” – Peter Gabriel, “Don’t Give Up”
  • “Fuck ‘em all this is art!” – Kevin Gilbert, “The Ghetto of Beautiful Things”
  • “You gotta have faith.” – George Michael, “Faith”
  • “Cause when you talk about politics you gotta talk about all of it you can’t leave nothin’ out.  We need to walk up to the front door tell ‘em we ain’t takin’ it no more.  Whats it all about?  About Justice!” – Victor Wooten, Justice

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