how to restore faith in your business in 500 words or less

Wow, it’s been a crazy couple of days here at mykesworld!  My earlier blog posting about a business I love and continue to support has blown up locally and I’ve received a lot more attention than expected.  My little voice in the wilderness went from an average of 3 readers a day to over 550 readers in one day.

First of all welcome to the new readers and subscribers and THANK YOU!

Thank you as well to the folks who linked to it on Twitter, Facebook and their respective blogs!  Much appreciated. Thanks to everyone who commented, positive or negative!  No… let me rephrase that, thanks to the people who PUBLICALLY commented and did not hide behind anonymous names, fake email addresses and contributed to the discussion in a constructive and positive manner.  Those who posted anonymous comments that were little more than personal attacks and name calling to both the owners of the establishment in question and yours truly were not approved.

Sorry folks, I like discussion, NOT name calling and finger pointing and I posted using my full name and folks can figure out how to contact me to engage in discussion.  If you’re not going to do the same – you WILL be ignored in mykesworld!

I’m going to be open and honest here and state that I do have strong opinions and am not afraid to state them.  I have been banned from certain establishments because of online comments and reviews I have given them, however I cannot apologize for my experiences and opinions.  I do take my concerns directly to the people involved, however if the same issues continue to be repeated, I’m not afraid to voice them.

I’m sorry for the folks that saw my prior posting as tearing the business and their owners apart, it was not intended to do so and I think if you read my comments carefully, I was trying to show how their arguments about the city and their experiences might have been skewed by their frustration and anger.  I HAD attempted to reply to the initial posting, however my comments were deleted and further commenting on the posting was blocked.  A blog is intended as a two way street, so I tend to be a little more critical of the fact that they erased comments that disagreed with their perspective, eventually preventing any active discussion in the blog posting.  Isn’t preventing active discussion kind of against the blog mentality?

By doing so, they actually made the situation worse as the conversation was taken to Facebook, Twitter and other blogs.  The response made one week later, continued their determination and further deleting of comments which read to me as constructive criticism, made things worse.

Thankfully their manager took the bull by the horns and wrote her response to the controversy, which I hope will restore faith and support of this incredible establishment over the next few days.  Max is indeed a remarkable woman and The Baltimore House is lucky to have her at the reins.

I appreciate that Max’ response pulls NO punches: “I don’t blame ANYONE for being upset about ANYTHING either of these two guys posted on the Baltimore House blog this weekend. They were thoughtless, arrogant and way off-base, especially considering they haven’t seen Hamilton through the years like we have.”

I appreciate and applaud that Grant and Jimmy have allowed their staff to call them on their own pretensions and negative attitudes.  Such openness is mostly non-existent in the business world and more businesses need to take that approach.  I always appreciate when folks I’m working with constructively call me on my own bullshit!

I also LOVE Max’ last sentence in her response: “Let’s continue to show this city and all of its components, including the place I manage and believe in, how much we want it to thrive. You CAN do anything in Hamilton. Including forgive, accept, and embrace those who don’t know Hamilton as well as you do.” I will continue to support Baltimore House, as it is one of the best places to get a consistently good coffee, in a relaxing and chill atmosphere in surroundings that are, indeed, sexy!

Addendum One:

Jimmy has written again to set things right on his account!

Addendum Two:

Grant has added his own mea culpa to the mix!  I am truly impressed with his response and honesty over the situation.  This takes incredible chutzpah (balls) in my opinion!


I’m glad to see the guys setting things right.  I am even happier to see that they still have the passion and drive to make The Baltimore House THE place to be.  Come June 24th, I want to offer any assistance I can in setting up a theme night that will set the Parlour Room apart from the rest of the downtown crowds.  Now I’m letting this matter drop, aside from buying Grant, Jimmy and Max a drink of their choosing – at my usual haunt on Thursday evenings from 5 until 7pm….Baltimore House.


1 thought on “how to restore faith in your business in 500 words or less

  1. Very nice response from Max. I hope Grant and Jimmy learn to work with Hamilton on its terms. Every city has a unique character and, while we sometimes seek to improve it, character improvement is best done from within; it cannot be forced by outsiders or relative newcomers. We all have our frustrations with our city, especially those of us most engaged to make a difference, but we must be careful to ensure our words and actions are ever constructive. As a business owner striving to make a positive contribution to my adopted hometown (I arrived as a teenager almost twenty-six years ago), a contribution that not everyone understands or values as I do, I remind myself also to listen carefully and reflect even while speaking passionately. Cheers!

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