music listography: list your friends who play music

Ummm…given what I do for a living, this could be a LONG list, so here are the highlights!


  • DB (singer, ukulele and omnichord)
  • DM1 (ukulele maniac)
  • DM2 (guitar and piano)
  • MK (guitars, keyboards, vocals, arrangements, iconoclast)
  • Mark Simonsen (everything, however incredible on vibraphone and Hammond Organ, also amazing on guitar, drums and vocals)
  • Katherine Rogers Simonsen (beautiful, angelic voice)
  • Trip Wamsley (solo bassist extraordinaire)
  • Aaron Wrixon (singer-songwriter, incredible country folk songs with often humorous lyrics)
  • My Brother (drummer, one of the best I’ve played with, but alas…wife, kids and career)
  • Matthew Bowker (singer, guitarist)

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