no news is good news? and an open request to folks of faith.

So after the incredible excitement and emotional roller coaster of the past two weeks, DH and I have settled into an uneasy peace of sorts in life.  We are awaiting the final word from the hospital on their plan of attack for his future treatment and prognosis.  Needless to say, it has been a period of quiet, brooding stress.

At this point the options floated are:

  • Interventional radiology treatment (ablation treatment (electrode into the tumour to kill it – DH had several of those prior to the transplant), radiation therapy, ultrasound guided chemotherapy (DH had one treatment prior to the transplant, which was a resounding failure and left him with symptoms similar to alcohol poisoning for days)
  • Surgery to remove the tumour and explore if it is spreading or discrete (serious and expected to be a long and traumatic for DH surgery with prolonged recovery).
  • Chemotherapy.

The doctors have convened a tumour board to case conference and determine the best course of treatment.  They have given us a confirmed date of what they plan “within two weeks” from DH’s discharge from the hospital, so we are well on the way to the end of week one.

However both of us just want closure, one way or the other.   I believe that not knowing anything can be worse than the knowledge – we’d at least have something to prepare ourselves for.

Until then, we appreciate the support and prayers of folks.  The support of my family, friends and co-workers has been incredible, especially when “the powers that be” at work have been less than helpful for me.  It’s always appreciated to have someone rooting for us!

However to the folks who are casually acquainted with DH and I, I just want to give a gentle reminder that both DH and I have had histories with organized faiths with mixed and (usually) disappointing results.  We have our own beliefs and ways of coping with this stress and have reached out to people whom we know, respect and love about our spiritual and emotional needs.  We have done so as individuals and as a couple.   So, please understand I mean this out of utmost respect when I say, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO TRY TO CONVERT EITHER ONE OF US TO YOUR FAITH!  We’ll be respectful of your beliefs the moment you are respectful of ours. Using this moment of perceived crisis is just plain tactless and may result in your being pruned from our lives – just saying.

Being truly supportive of people is being supportive of who they are, including their personal beliefs.


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