in which myke realizes he’s growing old…

On Thursday, I attended a local coffee house’s LGBTQ-friendly open mic at the invitation of the gentleman organizing the start up of the Hamilton Gay Men’s Chorus (HGMC).  DH and I went to support the two members who agreed to sing at the open mic and also to have a sociable evening out too!

Needless to say sociable evenings out are rare for us these days and the distractions are greatly appreciated.  However this one evening definitely highlighted something to me:


Most of the other participants at this evening were definitely much younger than the members of the HGMC.  When I first walked in, I thought “okay, these younguns are looking for older members of the community for support and guidance.”

Nope, they’re good! 

Maybe they’re looking for a historical perspective from folks who grew up in an era where being gay was considered a mental illness to be treated, not to mention an evil that was to be ignored or ostracized.  Or an era where folks would regularly mourn the loss of friends due to illness, disease, or being beaten to death.

Nope, that was then, this is now.

But this won’t be a diatribe about the young whippersnappers.  It’s not that they don’t want our perspectives, it’s just that they need the context in which to place our perspectives in – as queer identified youth, they are too busy coming to terms with their feelings and emotions and growing up queer in a society, which may seem to be trying to understand them, still has a long way to go.

When they want to ask about our experiences, we should be open and ready.  Until then, DAMN, I’M GETTING OLD!

This morning’s revelations:

  1. I got excited when I began to notice the scrubbing bubbles automatic soap scum remover is doing a fantastic job at keeping my shower clean and shiny.
  2. I got incredibly excited when I discovered the ear and nose hair trimmer I recently purchased was “rinsable”.  I don’t know what makes me feel older; the fact I NEED an ear and nose hair trimmer or the fact that I got excited it was rinsable.


I still refuse to grow up though!


3 thoughts on “in which myke realizes he’s growing old…

  1. Nah, Myke, we’re not getting old yet, just a little old-er. If we’re lucky, we still have more than half our lives ahead of us–that is if we’re aiming to at least become octogenarians, if not centenarians! But I do admit that a feeling of relative old age does emerge in a crows of folks half our age. And in some LGBTQ circles, being over thirty is considered old. Yikes!

  2. The nose hair trimmer revelation sounds exactly how I felt the first time I organised all of my vitamins and prescriptions into one of those little containers with divisions for every day of the week. Neato!

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