no news is…no news…


Well, the two week waiting period came and went.  DH and I waiting patiently for an update from the medical professionals about what the next steps were.

He’s had bloodwork done weekly and the liver enzymes have reduced to being just slightly above normal levels.  Normal enough for them to safely operate on DH without him dying on the table, just by putting him out.  Ummm…woo hoo?

So when the two week waiting period went by without a call from the doctor, I waited until the next day and left a firm, but respectful message asking in essence:  WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY PLANNING TO DO?!?

The surgeon returned my call and informed me that they had indeed case conferenced DH on July 20th when they realized that any conversation by a group of seven doctors and two nurse practitioners regarding a possibly cancerous tumour would benefit from the medical images and biopsy results and that they should have probably requested and reviewed them prior to the case conference.


Needless to say I was a little less than impressed and offered to fax/email the copies of both results and the CD-ROM of the medical images to them.  But they had apparently already requested it.  He assured me that DH was priority one for their case conference on Friday the 27th and that they would definitely contact me “by the end of the day.”

At 3:30 they had neither contacted DH or myself so I left another polite, respectful but firm message asking, in essence:  WHAT THE FUCK?!?

The nurse practitioner who has been handling DH’s care since he was discharged from the transplant surgery called to confirm that they case conferenced his file and the surgeon who did his transplant took one look at the pathology report, saw the name of the pathologist who did the assessment and flat out refused to accept the report, demanding his own pathologist get the samples and redo the pathology.


While this is a doctor I trust implicitly with DH‘s life, I question the need for this.  Assuming the tests will be handled the same, the results should be identical, yes?  However if there is that much deviation in the quality of pathologists in the Toronto medical community, why is the other one allowed to work if their results are so questionable.

So once again, it’s hurry up and wait with this big dark cloud looming over our lives casting a huge shadow of bleak uncertainty.  We were told that we may know “as early as Tuesday or Wednesday” but we know how well we should hold them to their words.  I expect to be placing a few phone calls on Wednesday afternoon…

No news is…no news?!?


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