and then things all go to hell

I wish I wasn’t writing this, but unfortunately I am.

For those who have been following along, DH has had cancer in the past, which was “cured” or in remission after an organ transplant in November 2009.

We’ve had 2.5 good years once he recovered and we were enjoying our lives together as a couple.  He started working as a professional, real-bearded Santa Claus and is thriving based on the love and energy this work provides him.

Here comes the “but” part where I will refer to a prior blog posting for the ugly details.

Well after he was released from the hospital with a diagnosis of “possible cancerous cells” around the bile duct.  After about one month of going around in circles, we finally got the results today.

Life is indeed a motherfucker.

DB has a rare form of cancer of the bile duct.  The tumour is small and hopefully just relegated to the duct itself, however it is resting on the pancreas.  The surgeon expects it to be resectable (removable by surgery), however this will only provide a 60-75% chance of a cure.  The chances will be increased with six months of chemotherapy after the surgery.

The surgery is called a “Whipple Procedure” and in the twenty-five plus year history of the Toronto General Hospital multi-organ transplant program, three have been done.  DH‘s surgeon did all three of them. However, as more people are surviving the transplant ordeal, he’s seeing more of this problem and has three more scheduled in the near future DH is number two on the list. Number one is in the hospital with acute liver failure and jaundice and they are waiting for an operating table.

It is an eleven hour long surgery, barring complications.  They will have to reopen most of DH‘s original incision and he will be hospitalized for three weeks and out of commission for three to six months depending on how chemotherapy goes.

It is indeed scheduled, for mid to late September.  I appreciate happy thoughts, prayers, energies, etc. for particularly DH and save a little for me as well please!

This is our new reality, whether we like it or not.  It sucks, it’s unfair, but there’s little we can do about it at this point.

Fuck you cancer.  Fuck you indeed.


7 thoughts on “and then things all go to hell

  1. Myke, I can feel your own angst and empathy in every word.
    You are lucky you have each other to share the burden.
    I’m thankful for this hiccup in history when we have a social system that respects your relationship in good times and in bad.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you both.
    Hoping you find your way through to the best of all possible outcomes; renewed good health and long life.

  2. Myke this is upsetting news indeed! My heart goes out to you both. I will be sending as much love and healing energy as possible. Stay strong and I am hear for you both. I have good listening ears. ((hugs)).

  3. Myke, and LS. Terrible news, and so disheartening. I’m glad to know that you are positioned to receive the best care and stepping out with a pro-active approach. This will be a tough journey. You have lots of good friends to take care of you both along the way. Sending many hugs to you today.

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