apparently, despite it all, mykesworld is a pretty cool place

Thanks guys!

No really!  After the last blog posting, the outpouring of concern and support has TRULY been amazing!

DH and I are still digesting the news and coming to terms with our new realities and trying to accept what life has handed us.  It’s tough and we’re still processing this, however we’ve agreed to move on and fight this battle – together.  We’ve fought it once before and triumphed, we’re going to fight this again and WIN, dammit!

His surgery is scheduled on September 19th.  Which of course, was two days before the scheduled release of the new Balderdash and Humbug Christmas CD “The 55 Days of Christmas.”  Needless to say plans have changed dramatically.  The CD is still being released, just with a whisper and not a bang.

Sorry to DB and other folks for cancelling, but thank you for your understanding – I really DO have enough on my plate right now.

To the folks whom have offered their help and support.  After going through the transplant in December 2009 and knowing what maintaining the day job, life at home and taking care of DH who will be hospitalized at least two to three weeks in Toronto, you don’t need to worry!  I WILL ASK FOLKS FOR HELP!  I have a list of names, phone numbers and email addresses with me at all times and I won’t be afraid to use it.

Thanks for your offers and continued prayers, healing energies and support!  Words cannot express folks, they really can’t!

How am I doing?  I’m going to answer this in the politest way possible.


Sorry, but it’s the truth.

How is DH doing?  Pretty much the same way.  Folks, he’s as okay with this as anyone can be.  He needs his time to process and think things over and compose himself.  When he’s ready, I’ll let you know – just give him his space please!

And once again, to the well-meaning folks whom have wanted to discuss their personal views with us, I will quote an earlier posting:

“…to the folks who are casually acquainted with DH and I, I just want to give a gentle reminder that both DH and I have had histories with organized faiths with mixed and (usually) disappointing results.  We have our own beliefs and ways of coping with this stress and have reached out to people whom we know, respect and love about our spiritual and emotional needs.  We have done so as individuals and as a couple.   So, please understand I mean this out of utmost respect when I say, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO TRY TO CONVERT EITHER ONE OF US TO YOUR FAITH!  We’ll be respectful of your beliefs the moment you are respectful of ours. Using this moment of perceived crisis is just plain tactless and may result in your being pruned from our lives – just saying.

Being truly supportive of people is being supportive of who they are, including their personal beliefs.

Thank you everyone once again.  You are more than awesome and I love you all!  I’ll keep you updated here as well as continue on with my regular blatherings about the goings on in mykesworld as per usual…it’s just gonna be a bumpier ride than usual!


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