when the going gets tough…

The tough get busy and get shit done.

Despite the recent devastating news, it’s been a strangely productive weekend here at mykesworld.  I’ve gotten a lot of writing done both for musical projects as well as future bloggage and blatherings.  The house has never been cleaner since we moved in ten years ago and various errands have been run.

Today, I’m just out on the front porch, laptop in tow, trying to make heads and tails of the situation and determine next steps.

Yesterday was a test run recording some bass tracks using my temporary live setup.  This is temporary as I am awaiting an amazing piece of gear that will replace all but TWO of the pedals on that board, plus it will allow me to interface directly with a computer for recording in Pro Tools.  Major win all around!

The fact it doesn’t sound too bad, ghetto nature of it all, also helps.  Although soon the bass will be replaced with something a little more plush (and local) as well!  I still love my p-bass, it’s just a little limiting at times and George has crafted me a remarkable instrument that sounds very much like it with a little more chutzpah!  (And it’s my favourite colour of blue too!)

I am also working on an indiegogo campaign to finish off table for one., which will go live soon.  Please watch this space, twitter and Facebook to find out how you can help me finish off my first solo CD ever and get early access to my tuneage as well as some exclusive and cool items!  Any little bit helps folks!

I suspect things will be rather hectic around here as I try to keep my mind occupied and also work on getting shit done prior to DH‘s surgery.  There’s some ugly administrative items that need to be handled (updated power of attorney and will) as well as some serious house cleaning/purging of items that was going to occur, but will happen sooner than expected.  Nothing like a severely stressful situation to give one pause to review what is truly important to them!

Anyways, just blathering on here, thanks for your patience as I continue to reflect and work things through!



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