state of the union

Yeah, I’ve been quiet.  Sorry folks, just trying to keep my head above water as I tread it!

It’s been a busy week or so between coping with DH‘s health, various medical appointments and attempting on keeping myself sane between work, music and Parental Unit #2‘s 75th birthday.  Regarding my sanity, it’s been kind of tenuous as of late, but I’m coping these days.  Last Monday, for instance, was a good example where I let myself wallow in my own personal psychoses and it ended up helping me.

Monday evening, I had a meeting of the steering committee for the Hamilton Gay Men’s Chorus.  After feeding the dogs and having dinner with DH, I decided to leave the house early so I could walk and clear my head.  Noting that it was about a 7km distance, I figured I’d walk a bit and then grab the bus.  I kissed DH goodbye, put in my earbuds and began walking west.  Approximately 1 hour later, I was standing outside My Dog Joe in Westdale and kind of puzzled how I got there.

I had completely shut down.  And when I “came to” I was unable to experience emotion; everything I was experiencing was through pure logic and rational thinking.  A quick phone call to a doctor friend confirmed that I had finally gone into shock and was experiencing the effects of it.  But things were “okay” I would be back to normal after “three to five days!” 

Thankfully I had an hour before the meeting to compose myself and figure out how to pretend that I was still a functioning human being.  I apologise to fellow HGMC folks if I was distant but as per usual, it wasn’t you it was fully me!

I fully (mostly) recovered just in time for my counselling session on Friday morning.

I had hoped to have my indiegogo campaign live by now, however self-preservation takes precedence.  I am working on the video slowly but surely, however it is coming along and I’m really happy with the results.  In a week or so, things should be done and I’ll be in your faces, begging for support in the presale of table for one.

On the plus side, I’ve been able to secure a cool new piece of equipment to assist in recording at home, that will enable me to handle the guitar chores in Pro Tools a lot faster, allowing the computer’s processor to focus on recording multiple tracks instead of wicked guitar and bass tones!  I can also use this piece of gear for live work, therefore enabling me to easily recreate the tones used in table for one. on stage!

I survived Parental Unit #2‘s 75th birthday celebrations relatively intact.  DH was rather under the weather on Saturday, so he wisely decided to stay home and relax with the pups on the weekend.  I missed having him with me and also missed the dogs’ companionship at the Parental Units’ house but I managed to survive the weekend away – it helps that I pretty much slept and read for the bulk of the weekend.

So that’s pretty much myke’s lyfe over the past week in a nutshell.  Work has been hectic and busy with my having to fill in for summer vacations and other absences.  Keep on moving, keep the head down and trying to stay positive!


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