brought up to believe

Life goes from bad to worse
I still choose to live
Find a measure of love and laughter
And another measure to give
– Neil Peart BU2B2

Yup I’ve been quiet for the last little while, then again, I think I’ve had damn good reason. DH continues to prepare for what will be a difficult surgery next week and we had the pre-operative and pre-admission procedures last Thursday. It was a tough day mentally and emotionally for the two of us.

The surgery that DH is having is called a “whipple procedure.” It’s a fairly rare surgery and drastically alters the anatomy of the digestive and endocrine system. Let’s just say, when all is said and done, DH will be left without a bile duct (which connects the liver to his pancreas), a portion of his stomach and one third of the pancreas.

Normally this is a relatively benign surgery, however 1) DH has had a transplant and his anatomy has already been significantly altered and he is also on anti-rejection drugs which prevent his immune system from fighting off infections (and cancer too). 2) DH is diabetic, which puts him in a higher risk of problems during healing and also leaves his pancreas more vulnerable.

This is serious shit here folks, let’s make no bones about it. When he’s done and recovered from the surgery, we’re looking at approximately six months of weekly chemotherapy treatments and then playing the waiting game. During this time, they will be balancing his anti-rejection medications to prevent his body from fighting the transplanted organ while trying to ensure he is no more vulnerable to infection than usual.

So if I’m not steadily updating you with the latest goings on and shenanigans in my life, please do forgive me! I’m sure there will be enough news for everyone next week. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep focused on work, various musical endeavours and trying to keep my shit together so I can be here for DH as well as avoid forgetting to eat and other things.

When the going gets tough, I tend to keep myself busy and occupied – idle minds and hands…you know.

I’d like to thank the following folks who are rather new additions to the mykesworld cast of characters:

AM and NM – for just being there and welcoming DH and I on your porch for needed distractions in addition to good food and drink. I owe the both of you (and Dot and Pixel) mightily!

LCA and JCS – for being good listeners, strong spiritual support and just damn good friends for DH and myself. You have been instrumental in DH keeping his faith and strength flowing and I thank you both for it. You’ve also renewed my faith in the Pagan community as you both have shown me that there are people who are honest and caring, without any hidden agendas. Blessed be!

So that’s life in a nutshell these days, I’ll endeavour to keep things rolling here…I’ll keep radiating positivity because DH needs it and so do I. It’s in short supply around here often.


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