people i am thankful for

Once again, with the the recent holiday weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving weekend), I reflected on the things I am thankful for and the people with whom I am eternally grateful for their assistance, caring and friendship over the past year, particularly the past few months.  In this posting I will actually name names beyond initials and perhaps the more astute readers will figure out who these people reflect in prior postings.  I will also reflect in alphabetical order by last name, so as not to cause a hierarchy as each person is an equally important aspect of my (and by extension, DH’s) life.

David Bartlett – the Balderdash to my Humbug, erstwhile musical collaborator and eternally patient with me as I struggle to finish off the recent Balderdash and Humbug Christmas recording, despite all the tumult in my life.  He is a good listener, able to put things in perspective and has provided invaluable guidance throughout the struggles DH and I have been through since the beginning.  I am forever indebted to him .

Bob Boyter – aka Santa Bob.  A fellow Santa and friend of DH‘s who has always been “there” when needed.  He’s just been good support for DH and I and is always available for a friendly word, a conversation or to lend a DVD DH has wanted to see!

Jeff Cabot Sutton and Leslie Cabot Armstrong – this incredible couple have been particularly DH’s and also my spiritual guides and caregivers throughout the recent cancer battles.  Their support, friendship, energies and guidance have kept both DH and I going throughout the past few months.  Anybody who erroneously and ignorantly brands Pagans and Wiccans as “evil” just need to look upon this couple and see what TRUE human kindness, compassion, love and value looks like.

Cannon Coffee Co – Cindy and Anne have always made DH and I feel at home in their beautiful establishment and when we got the diagnosis, the first place he wanted to go to in order to relax was the Cannon.  It was also the first stop on our final pre-surgery weekend together.  Cindy’s support and hug for DH on that day made me tear up incredibly.  It was also the first place we went to after he came home from surgery.  Cindy, Anne and staff have become friends in addition to a wonderful local business to support. 

Mari Evans and Dave Beer – Mari is a former co-worker and good friend who has always been there for me.  It’s funny that we have actually grown closer and know each other far better now, than when we saw each other every day.  She and her husband Dave have kept me on the straight and narrow and kept me honest with myself and my feelings to prevent my old negativities from creeping in.  She’s not afraid to call me on my own bullshit and I have long needed someone like her in my life!

Chris Godwaldt – friend, good listener, barista extraordinaire!  Chris always has time to chat and listen and offer his perspective.  I’m looking forward to the time when his business (Café Oranje) is running and I can have another home in the City of Hamilton!

Hal Grant – A good friend, sounding board and great support.  He has more than ample going on in his life, yet always seems to make room for others.  I have learned more from his example than I can ever give back, so all I can do is share what I’ve learned from him with others.

Doug and Tara Jones – Doug is perhaps my oldest friend and knows when to help and (even more importantly) knows when to leave me alone.  He also isn’t afraid to call me on my bullshit and will tell me the truth, even when he knows it will hurt me.  For that I value and cherish our friendship.

Chris and Suzanne Kirkwood – Chris and Suzanne are an awesome couple who run an awesome business (Crash Landing Music) in Hamilton, they have been incredibly supportive of DH and I throughout the years and kept my spirits up over the past few months.

David Milmine – David is a Promise Keeper who lives up to his word and has kept his promise.  I cherish and value his friendship and caring spirit.   A true man of honour that EVERYONE can learn from. 

Alistair and Nicolle Morton – Wow!  What can I say?  The Mortons have helped in so many ways.  Getting both DH and I out of the house for dinner, social gatherings or just chatting about life, the universe and anything.  Truly a gold standard in the awesome neighbour hall of fame!

Nancy Shier – my neighbour in the orifice.  Between her patient and understanding nature and quiet sanity (not to mention the coffee gift card from her and Jim), Nance has been instrumental in holding me together, when it seems that the workplace is trying to do everything but!

Diana Soucie – my Italian mama, Thursday coffee buddy and mother confessor.  Not enough can be said about Diana, aside from a truly grateful loving thanks!

Mara Veronesi – My “big sister” in Massachusetts, friend, social worker, psychologist and reiki master.  She knows when to listen and when to talk (I guess she’s trained for that <GRIN>) she also knows when “nothing” really means a whole lot of something and “I’m okay” means I REALLY need help!  She’s that friendly voice on the other end of the phone and the sober second thought when one is needed.

Jeff and Michelle Wilson – we truly lucked out when Jeff and Michelle moved in across the street from us, we couldn’t ask for better neighbours.  Another gold standard in the neighbour hall of fame!  Our neighbourhood truly rocks.


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