myke’s 2012 lyfe in a nutshell…

Leave it up to Zen Master DB to sum up my life better than I could ever!

Myke’s year hasn’t been yin/yang… it has been YIN!/YANG!  DH‘s survival was not a given but his recovery has been far better and faster than even dreamed of.  Not that he’s out of the woods completely with all the chemo ahead of him.  Myke is so disgusted with his job in Hamilton that he is actively searching for anything else even in Toronto.  3 hours a day commuting?  He must really be at the end of his rope.  He is also having to save money for  follow-up surgery for himself to take care of the leftover skin that used to hold 250 extra pounds in.

And, of course, NOW is when he is being discovered, and being incredibly creative, and being mentored by some heavy duty US and Canadian musicians who not only want to work with him but help him get his personal stuff recorded.  And NOW is when the church choir he was with has upped his salary even more to be the backup organist and the regular soloist.  And NOW is when they start a Hamilton Gay Men’s Chorus and Myke is a cornerstone of that.  And of course NOW is when we actually get our asses into the studio to record Balderdash & Humbug’s new CD  The 55 Days Of Christmas.  It’s recorded and mostly mixed, but Myke has one more song to complete and get mixed and then get it all mastered and ready for production.  I tell Myke not to worry, the best thing about Christmas albums is that they renew every year.

Sumbitch, he pretty much nailed it!


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