2012 in mykesworld – a review

So 2012 was a rather tumultuous year here in mykesworld, with both amazing highs and mind numbingly painful lows.  I went from an incredible year of two successful tours as a musician, recording two CDs worth of music to cancer rearing its ugly head again in the lives of DH and I and my day job rapidly going south due to organizational changes.

To quote a good friend in Florida, the latter half of 2012 was chock-full of FOG (Fucking Opportunities for Growth).

Things I’ve learned or had reinforced for me this year.

  • When life is going well for you, take time to relish and enjoy the ride, because you never know when your fortunes may change.
  • In times of crisis, you truly find out who your true friends and family are.
  • That more times than not, my Wiccan, Jewish and Atheist friends behave in a more “Christ-like” and compassionate manner than many of my Christian acquaintances (sorry folks, this particular truth may hurt, but you really should try practicing what you preach).
  • Closed minds often come with open mouths.
  • That my bottling up things that bother me, is harmful to only one person:  me!  I’m not going to keep things inside anymore, if they are eating me up inside, they are hurting me.
  • I cannot take on or accept anyone else’s bullshit as my own any more.  If you’re crapping on me, I’m going to tell you and also tell you to stop.
  • That as a small business operator, follow through is highly important.  Particularly if you feel that you would not be the best option for a potential client.  After two meetings to engage a local business to assist me in taking my music and entertainment business further, providing them with samples of my work, including some unreleased stuff – I’ve heard nothing.  Not even a reply to my mea culpa letter thanking them for their time.  For this reason alone, I will never be able to recommend their services to other potential clients.
  • That empty slogans and catchy marketing campaigns are meaningless unless they are backed up with positive action, hard work and follow through.
  • That medical treatment available to us in Ontario can either be top notch or the bare minimum.  As a taxpayer, I’m not going to accept the bare minimum when it comes to having my loved ones cared for.
  • While you can polish and dress up a turd all you want, it’ll still be a turd.
  • Music IS the best!
  •  I have an incredible group of friends, neighbours and family who are there for me and that I shouldn’t be afraid to fall into their open arms when I need to.  For this, I am grateful and truly thankful.

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