What a difference a month makes! The next chapter…

…in which the author endures another period of quiet introspection whilst emerging from a dark spot in life into a new spot of illumination and change.

Well folks, to put things lightly, it’s been one HELL of a month.  I’ve been meaning to write earlier about the events, happenings and shenanigans, however Myke has been one rather busy boy.  So here goes the Coles (Canadian)/Cliff’s (American) notes version of the month.

I was given the opportunity to purchase the instrument of my dreams, which is something that I have been hemming and hawing over ever since I realized one of the best bass craftsman is literally in my own backyard.  George Furlanetto of F Bass has been patient with me while I considered what I needed to realize my musical voice and vision and he managed to give me the instrument which removed the final roadblock in creating the musical tone I hear inside my head.  The bass pretty much has allowed me to replace several instruments with one very versatile instrument that also happens to be in the colour of blue I love as it reflects the first guitar I ever really connected with…I am honoured to play this instrument and express myself through such a remarkable work of art.

Since getting delivery of the bass, I was able to re-record the final component of Balderdash and Humbug’s next holiday epic “The 55 Days of Christmas”, which means it will be released this fall for reals this time, yo!  Watch the B&H Facebook page and of course the Myke Hutchings Facebook for CD and download release dates.

NEWS FLASH:  your buddies in B&H have been asked to perform at the Hamilton Gay Men’s Chorus Christmas Concert.  I’ve already asked Balderdash to see if he can come up on the concert date in question, so fingers are crossed that we will be able to bring our own level of holiday insanity to Hamilton!

In addition to this, I have also created a bandcamp page to distribute my songs and have currently populated it with some of my older works that I still love and want people to hear. Please check it out and make a donation to support the recording of future works, should you like what you hear!

At the same time, DH has started his final round of chemotherapy and is in the home stretch of treatment for pancreatic cancer.  We then have a maddening three month wait for the final CT scan and review by the oncologist before being able to move on with our lives fully.

And in the midst of all of this, I was informed by one of the assistant directors at work that they had identified me as a possible candidate for a year-long project, where I will be able to assist my co-workers in performing their duties by working with one of our computer systems that has been a constant thorn in everyone’s side since we purchased it in 2001.  Starting with reviewing the information stored in this particular system for relevance, currency and any knowledge gaps all the way to determining the best system for replacing it and implementing the replacement.

After two years on an incredibly insane case load and the general malaise that being burnt out spiritually and emotionally – this was the salve that my work-self needed.  The bonus?  The start date on this new path in my career was my birthday.  Symbolic indeed!

So that’s been the past month or so in a nutshell.  I am suffering from emotional whiplash at  the moment, having gone from incredible lows to a period where a lot of positive things have happened in my life.  I’m looking forward in seeing what the future brings for me and hope to harness the increased positive energy in my life at this time.

Keep the good vibes flowing folks.  We need as much as we can!