and one month later…

The last posting was a pretty optimistic post that ended a whirlwind-like month of activities at home and work.

The whirlwind has continued for another month apparently.

DH has completed chemotherapy and we are now just in a holding pattern until July when he has a follow up CT scan to check things out and then a follow up with the oncologist a few days after. In the meantime, we just wait and work on his recovery.  Starting by cleansing all the poison and toxins from his body and helping him gain weight.

Work has been psychotic in it’s own special way.  Let’s just say I’m enjoying the project until I’m offered a permanent promotion.  The only drawbacks are that the promotion is in our head office, meaning a daily commute to Toronto and it means a return to the job I just left, just under different circumstances.

After the 24 hours of soul-searching (that’s all they gave me), talking to my current manager, DH, and AM, I decided to go for this job offer.  I start in the new role and back on the train, commuting into Toronto in June.  Hopefully this geographic change will get me away from certain negative energies I am exposed to daily at the local office.

Due to the psychotic levels of stress surrounding me at work, my old friend the ulcer paid me a visit and decided to burn another hole in my stomach, resulting with me being hospitalized after an emergency cautery and recovering from severe blood loss.  Just spectacular indeed, looks like I will be on meds for life to prevent this from happening again.  Again, hopefully moving away from the negative energies in my current office, I should reduce stress.

Musically, I’m continuing to explore the new bass and loving my new voice for expression.  I am truly blessed to have found something that just works for me.  At the same time, I have been recording demos of musical ideas that will eventually find their way into full-fledged works.  I am also blessed with some new tools that are helping me refine that voice and make the sounds I am hearing inside my head a reality.  Thanks to the folks at TC Electronic and Mojo Hand FX for being awesome and answering my questions and providing some great tools to sculpt and finesse my sound.

The emotional whiplash is continuing and my head is spinning with everything that is going on in my life.  I’m blessed with some pretty great people surrounding me as I continue to harness the positive energy and trying to ride the wave.


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