myke’s holiday 2013 faq

Dear friends,

I thank you all for your love, support and general concerns about my well being, particularly over the holiday season. Between Larry’s death (sorry folks, I refuse to use “passing” or some other bogus euphemism – let’s call it for what it is) and my being unable to join my family in Arizona for Christmas due to work obligations…it’s gonna be a difficult year this year.

However I am surrounded by the family I have built for myself throughout Hamilton over the years – not to mention my extended online family near and far… This being said I am growing weary of talking about myself and how I’m doing so here, for your edification and clarification, are the responses to a number of frequently asked questions.

1. Honestly, I’m doing as okay as possible, all things considered. Yes I have my moments, yes there are times when I just break down and cry, just as there are times when I want to scream till my throat burns, but I have to give myself these times and allow them to happen.
2. Yes it’s particularly hard during the holiday season, this was a time of year very special to Larry and I and quite honestly seeing Santa in the malls is really fucking difficult for me. Thankfully Santa Bob B. and Santa Bob G. have stepped up to the plate and made me comfortable in seeing the man and the image.
3. It’s doubly hard as my family will be away for the holidays and work obligations do not allow me to join them on Christmas Day, however good friends Paul and Roy have arranged for me to join them at Mandarin for a Chinese Christmas brunch – we shall see how human I actually feel!
4. Santa Canada continues to soldier on, and yes, running his charity is hard for me. Thankfully Santa Bob B. and Santa Bob G. have stepped up to the plate and are taking a good chunk of the stress off my shoulders and are helping Santa Canada move ahead. Thanks also to Drake Jensen for dedicating the funds from his sales of “Here Comes Santa Claus” to the charity. His and his husband Michael’s support means a lot to me.
5. Yes I’m keeping myself intentionally busy during the season. Between the Balderdash and Humbug CD release, singing at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church and the Hamilton Gay Men’s Chorus (concerts, various church services and carolling), it’s been a good season for me musically. I’ve also begun doing evenings of solo bass music in cafés and house concerts during the season; all of which is in preparation for…
6. table for one. continues to evolve and metamorphose into a statement of my life over the past few years. Several of the songs I had originally written have had to be shelved after Larry’s death, I’m looking at preliminary recording at some point early in the New Year – whether this is done in Hamilton or in North Carolina remains to be seen.
7. I’m astonished by the friendship and support of fellow musicians, including Drake Jensen, George Furlanetto, Jonathan Edwards, Jacob Moon, Steve Lawson, The Dave Barrett Trio, Kira Small, and Trip Wamsley. Thank you, all, for being so darned inspirational, so darned friendly and so darned supportive! Your music has helped lift up and heal this broken soul!

Thank you all for you care and support during this first holiday season on my own. I appreciate the concern and hope that these answers will assist in letting you know my frame of mind. Let’s just talk, folks, I want to talk about us and not focus so much on me these days.


One thought on “myke’s holiday 2013 faq

  1. Myke. Thank you for keeping us updated. Go have fun on Christmas day–what a different way (for me at least) to celebrate at a Chinese buffet. Doing something so radically different is good sometimes… I remember distinctly going away on holiday over Christmas two years after my father died. It was the best thing we ever did — changed up the routine and allowed ourselves to have fun, without the guilt as it there was no feeling of a missing seat at the table, or a stocking missing– not to say we didn’t think of him, but that just by doing something different, it made the holiday more tolerable.
    even though I haven’t seen you in person in years, I am often thinking of you and hope that we will find a way to meet face to face again someday soon.

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