six months later…

Hard to believe it’s been six months already. Hard to believe it’s only been six months.

The paradox of grief.

The past six months have been quite the journey. I have apparently packed a lot of life in a brief time period, including scheduling a funeral and handling the bulk of an estate, settling into a new job, releasing and promoting a Christmas CD, continue guiding Larry’s Charity Santa Canada into fruition and operation, travelling to Arizona to be with family, producing another cabaret performance for the Hamilton Gay Men’s Chorus as well as continue to clean my house, take care of Sunny and Chloe and do whatever I can to keep myself sane.

Over the past six months I’ve made some new friends, discovered whom I can truly rely on when the shit hits the fan and, unfortunately, have had to remove a few folks from my life.

What I’ve discovered most about myself is my resilience and ability to cope in the face of brutal adversity. I’ve also discovered that one never runs out of tears, no matter how much one cries. I’ve also realized after the most recent flurry of activity, the need for down time and time for me and I’m focusing the next six months on taking the time for me and finding out what my life is to become.