whither pride?

I am truly disappointed and saddened to hear that certain individuals are up to their old shenanigans again after all these years. Growing older does not necessitate an increase in wisdom or maturity, apparently.


It saddens me that a community that purports itself to be based in peace, honesty and equality is filled with small, petty minded individuals who won’t hesitate to cause harm to another to forward their own interests.  Thankfully it isn’t me being targeted this time, however it saddens me to see the same old familiar patterns from the usual suspects again all these years later.


For almost fifteen years, I have remained willfully at arm’s length from the community due to the actions taken by these individuals against my husband.  For years we dealt with misinformation, gossip and yes, outright lies being said about him that we had stopped attending events and supporting local businesses because of the looks and stares we would get.


We were more welcomed in similar communities outside of our home city and asked to work and practice whenever we visited.  When my husband passed, only 5 people from the community bothered to attend his memorial – this is someone who was involved in the community for decades, supporting and working for it despite the way he was treated by it in return.


It turns out we were not the only ones targeted in this way.


When more than one individual is forced to withdraw from the community at large due to the actions of these individuals, it is clear that it isn’t due to a persona vendetta against one individual, however due to other factors and personal prejudices.


Because of certain individuals in our local community with their personal prejudices, talented and caring individuals are being ostracized, and scared away from this vibrant community.  Because of certain individuals in our local community and their self-serving goals, people are being harmed and shamed for being true to themselves in this community.


I’m worried about the damage that these individuals are doing to perpetuate a dysfunctional community. It’s bad enough that our community has to deal with misinformation from people outside of it. The fact that certain individuals and groups seem focused on harming others in order to further their own goals, whatever they may be.


It seems as though the community at large is unwilling to learn from the past and content to make the same mistakes over and over again with their heads firmly buried in the sand…sweep the past under the rug and pretend it never occurred.


The rug is getting so lumpy with all these dirty little secrets under it that it is near impossible to walk on.  This was highlighted with a recent death from within the community and someone speaking out about the way the deceased individual was treated by our community caused quite a stir.


This shit, simply has to stop.  I’d like to be proud of what we are doing in our community as a whole, at the moment I simply cannot.


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