spring cleaning

My last blog posting has stirred a lot of conversation.  The cauldron is bubbling and it’s time we examine how we behave in the Hamilton Community.

It isn’t just a single group of people -there have been some other people targeted in the Hamilton community – and YES I’ve confronted the perpetrators when it was My husband and I with the targets on our backs.

As for the local groups – unfortunately the actions of a vocal few can reflect poorly on the silent majority…and too many people – particularly those in the LGBTQ community – have been burned.

I wish I could say my past experiences with the local community were positive, but I don’t attend the moots for a reason and it takes something big to get me out to Pagan Pride Day.  It took years for me to heal enough to want to come back out to PPD last year.  It also took a HELL of a lot of convincing by several people whom I trust and said that things have changed – it’s gotten better.

My work in the Lothloriën tradition has helped me gain some strength and focus to deal with the shenanigans, so I felt somewhat prepared.

Yet at the same time the same people are pulling the same tricks and getting away with it – those who stand up to these people are often ostracized or shunned by the community.  I get that it’s a small community and somewhat close knit…however bullies are bullies.

My husband and I got tired of the infighting, gossip and petty turf wars; disbanded the coven and practiced solitary for years before he passed – he got accredited as a chaplain and focused on Hospital and Prison work during this time.

Sorry folks but it happens – I’ve seen it time and time again in the 20 years I’ve been active in the Hamilton pagan community.

And since my last posting, I’ve found out I’m not the only one.  I’m hoping my blog stirs conversation in the community and forces everyone to take a good hard look at what’s been going on.

None of us are served when we simply sweep history under the carpet.  In order to move forward properly we must admit to past wrongs and embrace a future dedicated to undoing the damage of this past.  This is done by actively working together as a community.

While some seem to prefer the “leave the past in the past” approach, this clearly has not worked.

Time to clean out from under the rug.


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