why i self produce/promote

Recently, people have been asking me why I book, produce, promote and arrange my own gigs?
The answer is pretty damn simple. Despite producing, promoting and advertising years of house concerts, producing annual multi-act Christmas gigs, connecting acts with one another as well as some awesome alternative venues, nobody else seems to remember me when it comes time for an opener, “and friends,” etc. etc. even for volunteer/charitable/tribute stuff..
I therefore have to make my own opportunities…otherwise I’m a lone voice, out in the wilderness…
I’m not complaining, this situation does allow me full artistic control in what I do and how I present myself. However it kinda feels like people don’t take me seriously as an artist and music professional.
For instance: at a DJ gig I did, the venue only had one working turntable that night so the set I spent weeks preparing had to be completely scrapped because I couldn’t mix properly and needed to bounce between my laptop and vinyl…killing the flow and vibe I was hoping for. The crowd was pretty patient and receptive as I worked out mixing on the fly, using my tempo list, however it felt disjointed and schizophrenic…I did the best I could under the circumstances, however it left a bad taste in my mouth.
When someone DOES give me a shout out and opportunity, I’m truly grateful as it is a truly rare thing. This is why I am truly thankful for people like Alfie Smith, Lori Yates, Donna Reid, David Bartlett, Lee Andrews and Tania Sheeler.
But c’est la vie – I’ll soldier on.
BTW I’m gonna be reaching out for the Christmas thing…consider yourself warned musical peeps.