and now a commercial message

Hi folks!

As I approach the final stages of pre-production for my recording project “table for one.” I realized that the scope of the project had become slightly larger than I had initially anticipated.

What initially started as a simple song cycle about my experiences as a musician turned out to be more complex than I had ever imagined as I composed songs celebrating the triumphs of my husband’s recovery from cancer and then his passing from the ravages of that very same disease.

These days “table for one.” has both figuratively and literally taken on far more personal a meaning than establishing myself as a solo performer. During the writing process for this work, what initially started as a ten to twelve song cycle, has exploded into a thirty four song behemoth, which has since been pruned back into a more manageable and concise statement.

However there are a LOT of extra songs all of which have merit and deserve to be shared – however they just do not fit within the scope of “table for one.” anymore.
So in order to handle the following two major dilemmas:
1) Funding the production of “table for one.”
2) Allowing these orphan songs to be heard.

I am offering this to my friends and supporters!

Over the next year, while recording “table for one.”, I am also recording these orphan songs as well as a few other items ranging from cover songs that have inspired me to longer, more experimental works. I will be releasing these recordings on a monthly basis for you to stream, listen, enjoy and possibly even pay to download.

Starting April 28, 2014 I will post one of these orphaned songs for streaming and downloading from my Bandcamp site at $2.00. If you like what you hear, you CAN pay more than $2.00 through the magic of bandcamp!

Every four weeks there will be a new release uploaded to Bandcamp.

You can also subscribe to the complete series of downloads for a minimum amount of $20.00. I will email subscribers when there is a new download available, complete with a link and download code to get your next song.

As incentive to this campaign, subscribers and those non-subscribers who have paid to download every song over the next year will also receive a free download of “table for one.” when it is released on April 14, 2015! Think of this as a “reverse kickstarter” where you get the incentives before the closing date! There may be even some surprise downloads during the next year in between the regularly scheduled downloads as a thank you to my generous subscribers (HINT HINT)!

For those folks who wish to pay more for their subscriptions or total individual downloads in order to support the production of “table for one.” I DO have other incentives for them as well!

$50.00 gets you the complete set of downloads of the individual songs, a download of “table for one.” AND a physical copy of “table for one.” on CD

$100.00 gets you the complete set of downloads of the individual songs, a download and CD copy of “table for one.” and a limited edition, hand bound booklet with lyrics, photos and other notes from the writing and recording of this project.

$250.00 gets you the complete set of downloads of the individual songs, a download and CD copy of “table for one.” the limited edition, hand bound booklet with lyrics, photos and other notes from the writing and recording of this project and an original piece of photographic artwork from me!

$500.00 gets you the complete set of downloads of the individual songs, a download and CD copy of “table for one.” the limited edition, hand bound booklet with lyrics, photos and other notes from the writing and recording of this project, an original piece of photographic artwork from me and a house concert at a date and time agreed upon by you and I after the April 14, 2015 release of “table for one.”


What a difference a month makes! The next chapter…

…in which the author endures another period of quiet introspection whilst emerging from a dark spot in life into a new spot of illumination and change.

Well folks, to put things lightly, it’s been one HELL of a month.  I’ve been meaning to write earlier about the events, happenings and shenanigans, however Myke has been one rather busy boy.  So here goes the Coles (Canadian)/Cliff’s (American) notes version of the month.

I was given the opportunity to purchase the instrument of my dreams, which is something that I have been hemming and hawing over ever since I realized one of the best bass craftsman is literally in my own backyard.  George Furlanetto of F Bass has been patient with me while I considered what I needed to realize my musical voice and vision and he managed to give me the instrument which removed the final roadblock in creating the musical tone I hear inside my head.  The bass pretty much has allowed me to replace several instruments with one very versatile instrument that also happens to be in the colour of blue I love as it reflects the first guitar I ever really connected with…I am honoured to play this instrument and express myself through such a remarkable work of art.

Since getting delivery of the bass, I was able to re-record the final component of Balderdash and Humbug’s next holiday epic “The 55 Days of Christmas”, which means it will be released this fall for reals this time, yo!  Watch the B&H Facebook page and of course the Myke Hutchings Facebook for CD and download release dates.

NEWS FLASH:  your buddies in B&H have been asked to perform at the Hamilton Gay Men’s Chorus Christmas Concert.  I’ve already asked Balderdash to see if he can come up on the concert date in question, so fingers are crossed that we will be able to bring our own level of holiday insanity to Hamilton!

In addition to this, I have also created a bandcamp page to distribute my songs and have currently populated it with some of my older works that I still love and want people to hear. Please check it out and make a donation to support the recording of future works, should you like what you hear!

At the same time, DH has started his final round of chemotherapy and is in the home stretch of treatment for pancreatic cancer.  We then have a maddening three month wait for the final CT scan and review by the oncologist before being able to move on with our lives fully.

And in the midst of all of this, I was informed by one of the assistant directors at work that they had identified me as a possible candidate for a year-long project, where I will be able to assist my co-workers in performing their duties by working with one of our computer systems that has been a constant thorn in everyone’s side since we purchased it in 2001.  Starting with reviewing the information stored in this particular system for relevance, currency and any knowledge gaps all the way to determining the best system for replacing it and implementing the replacement.

After two years on an incredibly insane case load and the general malaise that being burnt out spiritually and emotionally – this was the salve that my work-self needed.  The bonus?  The start date on this new path in my career was my birthday.  Symbolic indeed!

So that’s been the past month or so in a nutshell.  I am suffering from emotional whiplash at  the moment, having gone from incredible lows to a period where a lot of positive things have happened in my life.  I’m looking forward in seeing what the future brings for me and hope to harness the increased positive energy in my life at this time.

Keep the good vibes flowing folks.  We need as much as we can!

a mykesworld 2013 wishlist

Happy arbitrary marking of successfully surviving another planetary orbit around the sun!

As 2012 was a year filled with DH and I both apparently paying of a substantial chunk of our collective karmic debts, we’re both hoping that 2013 brings a healthy and positive year with visions of a brighter future.  The following list is something we are both wishing dearly for!

1. For DH to fully regain his health so he can resume his work on his charity and perform his annual saintly duties from November to December.  Consequently, this will allow me to:

  • Finish off work on Balderdash and Humbug’s “55 Days of Christmas” for release towards mid-fall.
  • Resume work on “table for one.” for release at some point in the year.
  • Combining the above two music releases and possibly touring behind both of them.
  • Attempt to attend Victor Wooten’s “Spirit of Music” camp this year.
  • Continue work on my new comedic character “Phineus,” possibly even attending an entertainment boot camp in August.

2. To continue to refine my voice as a bassist as well as hone my voice as a professional singer.

3. To continue growing with and supporting the Hamilton Gay Men’s Chorus.

4. To continue to enjoy the company of my family and friends with a little more of a positive outlook and conversations not revolving around medical appointments and side effects.

So as you can see, I have a rather short list of desires for the year 2013.  Not too much to ask for I think…

myke’s 2012 lyfe in a nutshell…

Leave it up to Zen Master DB to sum up my life better than I could ever!

Myke’s year hasn’t been yin/yang… it has been YIN!/YANG!  DH‘s survival was not a given but his recovery has been far better and faster than even dreamed of.  Not that he’s out of the woods completely with all the chemo ahead of him.  Myke is so disgusted with his job in Hamilton that he is actively searching for anything else even in Toronto.  3 hours a day commuting?  He must really be at the end of his rope.  He is also having to save money for  follow-up surgery for himself to take care of the leftover skin that used to hold 250 extra pounds in.

And, of course, NOW is when he is being discovered, and being incredibly creative, and being mentored by some heavy duty US and Canadian musicians who not only want to work with him but help him get his personal stuff recorded.  And NOW is when the church choir he was with has upped his salary even more to be the backup organist and the regular soloist.  And NOW is when they start a Hamilton Gay Men’s Chorus and Myke is a cornerstone of that.  And of course NOW is when we actually get our asses into the studio to record Balderdash & Humbug’s new CD  The 55 Days Of Christmas.  It’s recorded and mostly mixed, but Myke has one more song to complete and get mixed and then get it all mastered and ready for production.  I tell Myke not to worry, the best thing about Christmas albums is that they renew every year.

Sumbitch, he pretty much nailed it!

as tears go by

It is the evening of the day
I sit and watch the children play
Doing things I used to do
They think are new
I sit and watch
As tears go by

M. Jagger, K. Richards

The past week has been one of mixed emotions for me and filled with both tears of sorrow and joy.   Between the angst of DH’s health issues and helping him emotionally as best I can and the other highs (music, family) and lows (work) in my life, I’ve had a rather odd week, filled with tears both positive and negative.

My day job involves working with people who are injured and most likely in a transitional phase in their lives as they are coping with recovering from their injuries and other factors in their day-to-day lives (work, family, social adjustments).  As I am dealing with folks who have been in the system for prolonged basis, I often get folks who have long-term disabilities resulting in changes that will affect their lives and livelihoods permanently.

Due to recent policy changes and management style, we have been reviewing many of these longer-term clients and adjusting the services and support we are offering them, more often than not, denying access to services many of these clients have had for years.  This has been tough and recently the anticipated (and somewhat devastating) outcome of one such decision came to fruition last week.  The decision-maker was, of course, on vacation and I was left to pick up the pieces.

My comment on twitter was that I was sure that I had no tears left inside me; however work indeed proved me wrong!

I had recently been contacted by a musician I admire and respect regarding doing some teaching/counselling for their organization.  I don’t know how I landed in their radar, however I was honoured that they reached out to me and asked me to talk about my music and how it relates to and reflects my philosophical vision and spirituality.  The first year I was asked, I was in a rather transitional phase and felt I was not ready to take on such a leadership role, however this year I was, but am unable to due to obvious reasons.

I called this musician and asked them if I could postpone to next year and was told that the invitation is standing and open and that they hoped I would consider becoming a permanent member of their team.  Tears began to flow again – this time tears of joy to be honoured so.  I am a lucky person to have supportive folks behind me who believe in me, even when I do not.

In one of my “music listography” blog postings, I posted a list of music I felt I needed to focus on more, which apparently hit on the radar of a drummer whom I regard rather highly as it included his music.  He wrote a comment on the blog posting in question and also contacted me directly.  More tears – of excitement this time.

I had been attempting to secure a particular piece of music equipment that will allow me to record guitars and basses easily, as well as serve as a live performance tool that will allow me to travel more lightly and carry less stuff with me in general.  It arrived and in the process of playing with it over the past week, I happened upon a tone that just worked for one of the songs on table for one. that has been a sticking point for me.

Writers block overcome in this case, more tears! 

There’s still more musical news, but some of it, I can’t say at the moment, but when the time comes, it will be announced!  Finally, I had a lovely weekend visit from my brother and his family, taking them to the local farmer’s market and one of my favourite cafés for brunch and a beverage.  It was nice just getting a chance to sit and talk with them not surrounded by family at a big gathering.  It sadly just doesn’t happen all that often anymore.

DB has commented that I must be suffering from emotional whiplash these days – it’s closer to that queasy, motion sickness, feeling after being on a roller coaster or the Magic Tea Cups…

when the going gets tough…

The tough get busy and get shit done.

Despite the recent devastating news, it’s been a strangely productive weekend here at mykesworld.  I’ve gotten a lot of writing done both for musical projects as well as future bloggage and blatherings.  The house has never been cleaner since we moved in ten years ago and various errands have been run.

Today, I’m just out on the front porch, laptop in tow, trying to make heads and tails of the situation and determine next steps.

Yesterday was a test run recording some bass tracks using my temporary live setup.  This is temporary as I am awaiting an amazing piece of gear that will replace all but TWO of the pedals on that board, plus it will allow me to interface directly with a computer for recording in Pro Tools.  Major win all around!

The fact it doesn’t sound too bad, ghetto nature of it all, also helps.  Although soon the bass will be replaced with something a little more plush (and local) as well!  I still love my p-bass, it’s just a little limiting at times and George has crafted me a remarkable instrument that sounds very much like it with a little more chutzpah!  (And it’s my favourite colour of blue too!)

I am also working on an indiegogo campaign to finish off table for one., which will go live soon.  Please watch this space, twitter and Facebook to find out how you can help me finish off my first solo CD ever and get early access to my tuneage as well as some exclusive and cool items!  Any little bit helps folks!

I suspect things will be rather hectic around here as I try to keep my mind occupied and also work on getting shit done prior to DH‘s surgery.  There’s some ugly administrative items that need to be handled (updated power of attorney and will) as well as some serious house cleaning/purging of items that was going to occur, but will happen sooner than expected.  Nothing like a severely stressful situation to give one pause to review what is truly important to them!

Anyways, just blathering on here, thanks for your patience as I continue to reflect and work things through!