an open letter to a broken record…

Dear friend,

Over the years I have known you, you have always been quite forthcoming in how unhappy you are in the City of Hamilton.

You constantly lament the lack of opportunity when people are moving here by the thousands. You whinge about having nothing to do on a weekend where there were two downtown street festivals, a paid beer and music festival and a free world music and culture festival.

Not to mention the myriad of regular weekend activities available to you in any metropolis, plus hiking, biking trails, many art galleries, an internationally renowned botanical garden and some generally cool people.

Yes! As a gay person, the one bar sucks, but there are other watering holes to go to to meet and chat with guys, not to mention the two “spas” if you’re not looking to chat. That plus the various social groups lead me to believe that your real issue isn’t with Hamilton…

The surest way to have entropy in your life is to sit back and wait for something to happen.

But dear friend, your broken record laments about how awful things are here are threadbare and worn. Either do something to make this city a better place for you or move as you so often promise.

I suspect if and when you move, you will find yourself equally as restless there as you are here. Let me know if that changes and you have finally found what makes you content – I will be truly happy for you!

Until then, I don’t need your negativity in my life and in my enjoyment of the city I call home. Yes it isn’t perfect, yes there are tons of things that frustrate me. But I am actually doing something towards alleviating those.

Peace Bro.


celebrities owe us NOTHING

I have been tacitly following the online hoopla over Jodie Foster’s recent Golden Globe Awards Cecil B Demille lifetime achievement award speech and her round-about way announcing her “coming out.”

Let’s first get this out in the open.  If you were surprised that Jodie Foster was a lesbian, get your head out of the fucking sand folks!

As a gay man, I often find gay blogs to be, shall we say, rather bombastic and over the top.  However recent additions by gay Huffington Post columnists have really annoyed me.

Because they seem to feel Ms. Foster didn’t come out properly, she was too vague.  Because they seem to feel that Ms. Foster OWES them a big lesbian revelation.

However Ms. Foster, in her speech aimed at lambasting modern celebrity culture and fame, mentioned that she had come out years ago to the people that matter in her life – her friends and family.  She also mentioned her daughter and the mother of her child fondly as well.

Remember, this is a woman who has been in the public eye since age three and in the unblinking gaze of the media spotlight since thirteen.   This is a woman who was openly stalked by a man who later attempted (and was very nearly successful, too) to assassinate the President of the United States of America.   This is a woman who has a right to guard and protect her private life, because in many cases, this privacy is all she has.

She “came out” in a classy, low key and manner strictly ON HER OWN TERMS.  Exactly how Ms. Foster has lived much of her adult life.

Ms. Foster (indeed any celebrity for that matter) owes us NOTHING folks.  It is we who owe her thanks for sharing her talents and vision with us throughout the years!