myke in a nutshell

myke is a(n):

  • musician, classically trained singer and songwriter
  • writer and composer
  • clown and comedic performer
  • widower (my husband of 15 years (DH) lost his battle with cancer in August 2013)
  • neurotic, recovered from PTSD and Depression with the “psychic scar tissue” of Anxiety Disorder.
  • coffee addict
  • foodie and home cook
  • recovering overweight person and addict
  • gifted school survivor (the depiction of gifted classes in “Malcolm in the Middle” are of documentary quality in their honesty of how neurotic the kids in gifted class can be)
  • recovering heterosexual, fully embracing gay, leather and bear culture
  • sexual abuse survivor
  • spiritual humanist (I was raised in the Anglican (Protestant) church, however follow a more pagan/spiritual path after much exploration and soul-searching)
  • opinionated person with something to say, whether he likes it or not!

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