table for one.

sol·ip·sism/ˈsälipˌsizəm/noun: the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.

track listing

  1. begin at the beginning
  2. cold winter’s day
  3. being human
  4. life illusion
  5. passing me by
  6. questionid
  7. meeting people is easy
  8. sometimes g*d says “no”
  9. the morning after
  10. what i believe

all instruments and voices were performed by myke hutchings

produced, recorded and mixed at cygnet sound, hamilton, ontario

all lyrics and music ©2012 by myke hutchings

inspired by and conceived at mulberry coffee house, the brain, red hill coffee trade, cannon coffee co, and baltimore house

dedicated to larry, mr. rainbow, mari, diana, dave at mixed media, chris the cortado guy, anne’n’cindy and mulberry for their love, support and the incredible caffeinated beverages

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