dramatis personæ

As this is a personal blog, I figure it would be prudent to keep the cast of wacky characters that I surround myself as anonymous as possible.  Folks who know me well enough will be able to figure out who each person is, but as I will be mentioning folks regularly and often, here’s a quick rundown of who they are and what they represent in my life.  This will be updated as more people enter my writings!

  • Miss Chloe – my miniature/toy poodle cross.  Also known as Chlo-Chlo and the 8 lb ball of neuroses.
  • The Parental Unit – my Mom (aka Mumsie)
  • DH – my deceased husband.
  • DB – musical and comedic partner in crime, guru, Yoda, sober second thought and father confessor.
  • Rev. P and Rev. g – spiritual guides, mentors and beloved friends.  Rev. P was a mentor of DH and is a source of wisdom and discipline.
  • MW – educator, doctor, reformed Catholic priest, and an incredible friend and support.
  • MV – social worker, psychologist, reiki master, clown and grounding agent.
  • MK – iconoclast, composer, guitarist, keyboard player, former member of Frank Zappa’s band and recipient of the first and only fan letter I’ve ever written.  He replied and began a beautiful friendship, correspondence and continued inspiration.  He supported me as a musician when others turned their backs on me!
  • DM1 – erstwhile friend, computer geek, clown and fellow explorer of the darker sides of life.
  • HG – friend, clown, and a rare non-preachy, non-judgemental Christian.  He’s the kind of person you want praying for you and cheering you on!
  • DJ – best friend since Grade 4.  Fellow gifted and high school survivor.  Companion on several voyages of the most debauched kind.
  • DM2 – neighbour, friend, clown, and a rare non-preachy, non-judgemental Christian.  He’s the kind of person you want praying for you and cheering you on!
  • LCA and JCS – married Wiccan couple, both full degree priestess and priest of the Cabot tradition of Salem Massachusetts.  Spiritual guides and good friends to DH and I.
  • Neigbourinos – lovely family across the street who help out all they can with errands, household tasks and chores and to keep me entertained.  One of the reasons why Hamilton is a really cool place to live!

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